Monday, July 5, 2010

And Finally!!!

So whats going on in the Fire in Salem world??? Many of you are probably wondering that by now. Well, good news is at hand finally!!! The post production process has turned out in an excellent fashion in DUE time!!! This past weekend of the fourth of July,,, several of us took a trip up to Nashville to work on final mix and production revisions before the album will move into the mastering phase.

Excited to deliver the news to you that the record itself will be stellar in God's Spirit and in overall production content. All that we were desiring to hear and feel from this record has really come to the surface over these last days and nights of revisions. The mastering will happen on July 6th and we should have full digital previews of the finalized product the same day. The hard copies will be available within the next few weeks. We are so excited for each one of you reading this to get your ears upon what God is doing in the midst of this ministry. This is by far the climax of several years of diligent work musically and spiritually. We are confident that ministry will be released through this record that will impact the church and non-believers greatly.

At the moment we are brainstorming on a plan to pre-release digitally before the actual official release party due to the release date being pushed back on multiple occasions for various timing conflicts. We are ready for all our supporters to hear this thing NOW!!! Be in the know concerning when and how you can get your hands on the earliest release which could be even this very week. We thank each of you who support, love, and pray for this ministry. We believe God is expanding the boundaries of our influence and we are excited to see Christ exalted in all ways. We will not back from pursuing a violent passion for God's kingdom on earth as in heaven. We love you so. Stay in touch via facebook and twitter!!! So, the release is here. The official FIRE IN SALEM release is upon us. Stay blessed!!!


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