Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Holds New Adventure

Hello brothers and sisters,

2011 is here, and February has snuck up on us. The Fire in Salem family is well and is believing for kingdom revolution now as much as ever. We really appreciate your continued love, prayers, and support towards us. We believe God in the midst of the various trials and tribulations of this life. We believe He is and will continue to shine the light of HIS glory upon the faces of His children and that the glory to be revealed to His children is ever increasing.

2011 has already shown itself to be a new year of spiritual awakening. It's like God is doing a divine work in the realm of unity, repentance, and revival among His people. It's like God illustratively flipped a switch in heaven that awakened the urgency of the hour inside the hearts of those that belong to Him. We are hearing the need for desire, prayer, fasting, repentance, kingdom unity, and mobilization now stronger than ever. God is awakening the urgency of the hour in our hearts and giving His people the grace to lean into fasting, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines that will conform us into the image of Jesus.


Find your place in the local body, find your place in the kingdom, find your place in your family, and be the difference as Christ lives in you. The hour presents no time for speculators or spectators, but God is calling everyone of us to walk in our God ordained talents and ministries being fully surrendered to Christ in the grace of fasting, prayer, and repentance. The time is far gone for "from a distance" type discipleship. We need "close proximity" discipleship at the Master's feet and presence. Nothing else will suffice. Authentic Christianity that is displayed in a holy life, repentance, faith towards God, accountable living, power demonstrations, and a holy righteous revolution is what we need in this hour. We don't need "churchy" Christians that infect unbelievers more with a reason to deny Christ. We need fiery believers with identity, unction, passion, covering, and sincerity to press into the harvest and see reformation God's way inside and outside the church. Let the praying church arise. Let the seeking, love sick hearts arise that minister to Jesus first and the harvest second. Proper order is coming with this "flipped switch". Align with God. Allow Him to search, try, and test you to see if there be any offensive way in us that we might be led in the true way.

STAND IN THE ANCIENT PATHS AND ASK FOR THE GOOD WAY. Lets get back to historical and Biblical Christianity that we may find rest for our souls and clarity in our way of doing life. Let heavens value system invade our westernized, comfortable backwards way of doing Christianity. Break yourself before the Lord that He might live STRONG in you.

So this is where Fire in Salem is. Find us at several local venues in the area soon. Come get filled up with God and His liberty. Track us down, get us to your event, be the solution in lifestyle not just in word. WE are here to relate, connect, admonish, teach, exhort, and increase the kingdom of God.

Please suggests this ministry and the music to friends, family, and the world via social media outlets. Suggest us on Facebook, ping, twitter, youtube. We believe and have the confidence that we are living towards God through Christ. Get behind your local church and other kingdom ministries and don't be idle. Be SALT AND LIGHT.

Find us soon at a live "heaven meets earth" event!!!

Jeremy Lowe

Monday, July 19, 2010

Release Party Update!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a little update and what not. Phillip Brooks, Bob Beyer and Rob Tucker of 887fm will be at the release party at The Cross studios next week. Final approvals are in the work for An all new FIS song to be played on air starting July 26 on 887fm. Also, be listening to 887fm The Cross for your chance to win one of the 3 FIS prize packs to be given away starting July 26. These packs will be available for pick at the FIS album release party!

Now on another very related note, this past Saturday we met with Cole Prine about the release video. We previewed the video and it is killer Cole did an excellent job on it. This video is a great behind the scenes view of who this band is as a whole and who we are as individuals. We also discuss the possibility of a music video in the near future!

Well thanks for reading,
Jon Shows

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey everyone,

thanks for checking out our blog!!! hope you are blessed in the fire of Jesus's love,,,that's a good place to be. I just wanted to briefly bring everyone up to date about the OFFICIAL RELEASE STATUS of the record. There is a video posted on the facebook BANDPAGE that contains some info about the release but I wanted to bring anybody possibly wondering about the release time and dates into "the know" of whats going down! So here it is:

We are so privileged to have such awesome kingdom connections in the twin cities. 88.7 FM THE CROSS is a huge Fire in Salem support group who truly desire to expand the kingdom of God through ministries like ours in whom they believe in. We have had a great on-going relationship with many of them for 3/4 years now, and I've personally been great friends with Rob Tucker for going on years now. I want to just shout out some love to those guys up there: Phillip Brookes, Bob Beyer, Rob Tucker, and the many others who have contributed greatly to the development of our ministry and many other ministries abroad. These guys are legit and are true servants.

So in saying all that...the news is...WE WILL BE RELEASING ON JULY 31ST @ 88.7 THE CROSS STUDIOS IN DOWNTOWN MONROE @ 7PM VIA A LIVE LISTENING PARTY WITH SPECIAL BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE RECORDING PROCESS PRODUCED BY MONROE'S VERY OWN COLE PRINE!!! So now I must say WOW!!! The event will feature live acoustic takes of Fire in Salem tunes, behind the scenes studio footage, HD produced footage of 1on1 interviews of Fire in Salem produced by Cole Prine capturing the vision statement, heart, and personality of this ministry. And if that's not enough, you'll be the first ones to hear the record at this event as we'll give you a peek at some of the album tracks before you have the opportunity that night to take one home for yourself!!!

Doors will open at 6:30pm, the event will officially start @ 7pm, admission is free, dress is casual. The Cross studios are located in Downtown Monroe @ 130 N 2nd St Monroe, LA 71201. Here's a lil map to help:

We are believing this will be an awesome event to reconnect with old friends and to cast the vision of Jesus's kingdom afresh in all of our hearts as we stir each others passion. The recording will be available that night via hard copy, digital download cards via disc revolt, and via itunes. The itunes release will hit on the same day, July 31st. We will also have some new merch available with the new logo and some cool new stuff if you are interested in such things.

Most of all, we'd just love to see your face. We have been in contact with so many around this area within the last 4 years, and we'd love for you to share in this event with us.

May God be glorified through real lives, really going after His heart in real time in 2010. Love to love.

Jeremy Lowe

Monday, July 5, 2010

And Finally!!!

So whats going on in the Fire in Salem world??? Many of you are probably wondering that by now. Well, good news is at hand finally!!! The post production process has turned out in an excellent fashion in DUE time!!! This past weekend of the fourth of July,,, several of us took a trip up to Nashville to work on final mix and production revisions before the album will move into the mastering phase.

Excited to deliver the news to you that the record itself will be stellar in God's Spirit and in overall production content. All that we were desiring to hear and feel from this record has really come to the surface over these last days and nights of revisions. The mastering will happen on July 6th and we should have full digital previews of the finalized product the same day. The hard copies will be available within the next few weeks. We are so excited for each one of you reading this to get your ears upon what God is doing in the midst of this ministry. This is by far the climax of several years of diligent work musically and spiritually. We are confident that ministry will be released through this record that will impact the church and non-believers greatly.

At the moment we are brainstorming on a plan to pre-release digitally before the actual official release party due to the release date being pushed back on multiple occasions for various timing conflicts. We are ready for all our supporters to hear this thing NOW!!! Be in the know concerning when and how you can get your hands on the earliest release which could be even this very week. We thank each of you who support, love, and pray for this ministry. We believe God is expanding the boundaries of our influence and we are excited to see Christ exalted in all ways. We will not back from pursuing a violent passion for God's kingdom on earth as in heaven. We love you so. Stay in touch via facebook and twitter!!! So, the release is here. The official FIRE IN SALEM release is upon us. Stay blessed!!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010


I CAN'T BELIEVE THE RECORD IS FINALLY DONE! The last day of tracking is over and we are now entering the post-production phase of mixdowns, creative production, and mastering! God is so good and we're incredibly thankful for all you out there supporting this ministry and our pursuit to do what God has called us to do. Please keep us in your prayers! God bless, and ENJOY!!

Studio Vlog #8 from Fire In Salem on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


More keys and vocal tracking today!! Everything has been going smoothly and we're wrapping this thing up quickly!! I can't believe its gone by this fast, make sure you stick along for the ride! Blessings!!

Studio Vlog #7 from Fire In Salem on Vimeo.

Friday, April 30, 2010


WE'RE BAAACCKKK, with the final 3 episodes of this crazy, fun and monumental adventure in Fire In Salem!! This particular vlog was pretty fun just bc you get a little more personal insight into what we talk about and do on a regular basis. PLUS....MORE SNEEK PEAKS....:-D!!! SO, ENJOY!!

Studio Vlog #6 from Fire In Salem on Vimeo.

Monday, April 26, 2010


IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER GUYS! Today we had a brief visit from the awesome Jarrett Carter!! Thanks for coming by brother! Brent did an amazing job, i love what he compliments to the chemistry of this group! Ya'll are gonna like where all of this is going...ENJOY!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


GUITAR CENTRAL!!! We might as well call Jeremy "Captain Tone" because he basically just walked in (w/ the help of "Constable Kinner":-) and shredded all of his parts! LOL! Stay tuned for more bc this stuff is sounding lovely! RUN WITH FIRE!


Saturday, April 24, 2010


GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYBODY! So we are now into Day #2 of tracking and loving every second! Really have had some powerhouse, anointed moments here in the studio and God is really moving. We've got a couple of sneak peeks for you to see and hear, so stay tuned for more! God bless!