Monday, July 19, 2010

Release Party Update!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give everyone a little update and what not. Phillip Brooks, Bob Beyer and Rob Tucker of 887fm will be at the release party at The Cross studios next week. Final approvals are in the work for An all new FIS song to be played on air starting July 26 on 887fm. Also, be listening to 887fm The Cross for your chance to win one of the 3 FIS prize packs to be given away starting July 26. These packs will be available for pick at the FIS album release party!

Now on another very related note, this past Saturday we met with Cole Prine about the release video. We previewed the video and it is killer Cole did an excellent job on it. This video is a great behind the scenes view of who this band is as a whole and who we are as individuals. We also discuss the possibility of a music video in the near future!

Well thanks for reading,
Jon Shows

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